Jason Klohs Sues Minneapolis NRP for Unconstitutional Grievance Policy

NOVEMBER 10, 2010



Jason Klohs (“Mr. Klohs”), a non-resident property owner within the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood has sued the City of Minneapolis (the “City”) and the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program Policy Board (“NRP”), seeking declaratory relief, partly on constitutional grounds  (Access a copy of the Complaint). 

The suit alleges that the NRP grievance policy violates the doctrine of unconstitutional conditions.  Mr. Klohs is required to exhaust his administrative remedies, but NRP argues the grievance policy requires Mr. Klohs to submit to binding arbitration, foreclosing any future suit if he disagrees with NRP’s decision.  Mr. Klohs has declined to submit to binding arbitration, but NRP refuses to acknowledge that Mr. Klohs has exhausted his administrative remedies, resulting in a catch-22 leading to the suit. 

In addition to the claims against NRP, the suit also requests declaratory judgment that the City’s CPED staff has arbitrarily decided not to follow its own grievance procedure. 

These disputes all arise from a grievance Mr. Klohs filed with the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association in July, 2009.  The underlying issues remain unresolved. 

Further questions regarding this matter can be directed to counsel for Mr. Klohs, Ryan H. Ahlberg, 612-373-7081 or rahlberg@ahlberglaw.com.

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